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What is Ramadan?

What is Ramadan?

The moon crescent is gracefully waiting to make its entrance, coating the air with excitement and
anticipation that fills the hearts of millions of believers around the world, patiently awaiting the
Holy Month of Ramadan. They wait to gather in observance and spiritual devotion, to refrain from
food, drink and worldly distractions from dawn until dusk every day, and to nourish their souls with
gratefulness and togetherness instead.

The ninth month of the Islamic year is much more than a period of restraint and control. It
symbolizes an opportunity for Muslims around the world to lead with grace, generosity and
kindness, and to extend a kind hand to whomever needs it, no matter their beliefs, similarities, or

Mosque minarets light up around the world, as melodious calls to prayer echo around the walls of
warm homes and bristle tree leaves in cities around the world, weaving guidance and solace into the
hearts of millions of Muslims awaiting sunset. Families then gather around tables, humble and
lavish alike, to break their fast together and share their Iftar meal.

Raphia would be honoured to grace your tables with treats straight from the heart of Morocco,
which will immerse you in the warmth and togetherness of a traditional Moroccan Iftar. From our
delightful Fekkas and exquisite Briouates dipped in the sweetest honey, to our assortments of dates
and delicate gazelle horns, the treasures of our Ramadan selection will be sure to warm your heart
as you break your fast this Holy Month.

The Raphia Team would also like to extend its warmest well-wishes to you and your loved ones,
and hopes that this Ramadan will come with countless blessings and enduring tranquility.

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