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Raphia Store. Opening Today !

Raphia Store. Opening Today !

Today, Raphia unravels a new haven for chocolate lovers around London. Nestled in the heart of the city, on 4, Campden Street in Kensington, our new Raphia store is set to showcase the beloved collections that have garnered your appreciation since the brand’s inception in 2019.
Togetherness and authenticity, inherent to Moroccan culture, constitute the foundation of Raphia’s ethos as a brand. Our delectable Moroccan treats and the eclectic flavours that fuse within them are the product of ancestral recipes, and are sure to transport you to the warmth of a Moroccan home.
Creativity is intrinsic to our brand, and essential to our creations, which blend the intricate and complex flavours of Moroccan cuisine and the simple yet rich essence of chocolate. Throughout the years, we consistently refined that fusion, colouring it in diverse shapes and flavours, which culminated in an eclectic mix of collections specifically tailored to fit the diverse tastes of our clientele.
Our traditional collections of Moroccan delights, adorned in authentic works of Moroccan craftsmanship, our thematic selections devised for celebrations like Christmas, Diwali, Eid or Ramadan, as well as the assortments arranged to celebrate love or to welcome a little one to your family, will all be laid out in the Raphia store for your enjoyment. Customers will also be able to select the treats they prefer, which will be weighed and beautifully adorned in the colours and trays they desire, creating a selection specifically tailored to fit their vision.
The Raphia Team is delighted to welcome you during the launch, where new customers will be introduced to our diverse selection of delights and where our faithful clientele will rediscover the tastes they have grown so fond of.

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