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Ramadan Delicacies around the World

Ramadan Delicacies around the World

The Holy Month of Ramadan is finally upon us, and believers around the globe engage in a month of spiritual observance, abstaining from food, drink, and worldly pleasures every day from the crack of dawn until the sun sets and the Maghreb prayer is called. Families gather around tables to break their fast as one, often commencing with a glass of water and dates, as did the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.
Across the diverse cultures where Ramadan is observed, Iftar tables are adorned with an array of traditional delicacies which reflect the unique culinary heritage and traditions of its people. Take a look at some of the staples we’ve found!

Moroccan Harira
An Iftar table in Morocco is never complete without its centerpiece: a generous pot of Harira. This hearty soup made of rich tomatoes and onions, chickpeas, lentils, fresh cilantro and parsley, meat and delicate vermicelli perfectly symbolizes the generosity of Moroccan culinary heritage. Infused with a bewitching blend of spices, this gem never fails to bring immeasurable comfort and warm the hearts of millions of Moroccans around the world.

Palestinian Knafeh
The history of Knafeh stretches back through the annals of Arab history, finding mention in writings as old as the timeless tales of the 1001 Nights. Historians trace its lineage to various locales around Palestine, particularly the city of Nablus. Legend and history intertwine in the tale of the creation of this age-old delicacy, with tales of a King with a voracious appetite seeking a meal that would quench his hunger during the Holy Month. Widely adored throughout the Arab world, Knafeh is not only a delectable dessert, but it also stands as an important symbol of Palestinian heritage.

Turkish Ramazan Pidesi
The image of streets of Istanbul overflowing with bakeries and vendors selling all kinds of delicious baked goods can be traced back to the days of the Ottoman Empire. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, the delectable Ramazan Pidesi makes an entrance, and is without fault present at every Iftar table around Turkey. This soft and deliciously chewy golden bread, baked in an emblematic oval shape, is adorned with sesame or nigella seeds and is often accompanied with delectable Labneh, delicious honey, or juicy olives.

Egyptian Qatayef
In Egypt, Qatayef is an essential treat during this time of year. Its batter, crafted from sugar, flour, yeast and baking powder, is cooked on one side, then stuffed and delicately folded. It is most commonly filled with creamy cheese, fragrant rose extract, crisp hazelnuts, or delectable cinnamon, then deep-fried and drizzled with heavenly honey. These exquisite little concoctions are traditionally eaten during Ramadan, and seeing them sold by vendors around the streets of Egypt is usually an indication of the arrival of the Holy Month.

Indonesian Kue Lapis
We now journey to another corner of the world, where Ramadan delicacies are synonymous with Kue Lapis, an Indonesian traditional snack made of steamed soft rice flour pudding. The term “Lapis”, which means layers, aptly portrays the intricate tiered structure of this delectable treat. Various natural ingredients such as butterfly pea flowers, rose syrup, and pumpkin are used to adorn the stacked layers of the cake with vibrant colors. Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, the bustling streets of Indonesia come alive with the bright shades of Kue Lapis, which call for fasters looking for a sweet treat after Iftar.

Syrian Ma’arouk
Ma’arouk is a sweet and fragrant brioche-like bread that is cherished among children and adults alike. Infused with the delectable essence of Mahlab, a spice derived from the extracted and ground seed kernels of Mahaleb cherries, its dough is traditionally filled with dates or nuts and shaped into a beautiful wreath lovingly brushed with sweet syrup.

United Arab Emirates
During the sacred month of Ramadan, Chebab is a quintessential treat around the United Arab Emirates. This pancake-like delicacy creates an intricate infusion of fragrant cardamom and saffron which never fails to delight the hearts of those who indulge in it after Iftar. Whether it is adorned with a drizzle of delectable honey or paired with creamy cheese, Chebab is a staple treat and beacon of joy during Ramadan all around the Emirates.

Whichever delicacy brings you joy and solace during this sacred time, the Raphia Team would like to once again extend its heartfelt well-wishes to you and your loved ones. Ramadan Kareem!

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