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Cupid is right around the corner !

Cupid is right around the corner !

Valentine’s Day looks different for everyone. Some see it as an opportunity to profess their undying love to their significant other, some let its spirit draw them to one knee to pop the question, and others spend it pining over their year-long debilitating and completely unrequited crush. Some even choose to meet up with their closest friends to chat about anything and everything, while others just wallow on their couch watching romantic comedies from the 90s with a pint of ice cream. No matter what scenario you most identify with, Valentine’s Day is well on its way, so you, dear reader, might as well enjoy it even if you’re stuck in the 90s-romcom-with-a-pint-of-ice-cream phase.
Valentine’s Day serves as a gentle nudge for you to open your heart up to the love around you and take it all in: The feeling that warms up your heart as you walk around the city and marvel at all the small bits of life that surround you; like people from all walks of life going about their day, puppies barking at each other and drawing their humans to one another, or a nice cup of coffee with the perfect oat milk to syrup ratio. You can feel it as you hold a significant other, a family member, or a furry friend extra tight and tell them you love them with all your heart, or even as you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself that you have got what it takes to face the day ahead.
Whether you’re head-over-heels in love with your significant other or choose to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day, Raphia will be right there with you as you dive into the exquisite palette of flavours that our diverse collections offer, and marvel at the beautiful flowers that specifically bloomed to adorn them for the occasion.
And maybe... just maybe... Cupid’s arrow might find its way to you this year.

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