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fit and healthy during Ramadan

Raphia’s top tips for keeping fit and healthy during Ramadan

As Ramadan approaches many of you might be wondering how you can best stay fit and healthy and keep on top of your nutrition. This is certainly a hot topic of conversation here at Raphia.

While as Muslims, we fast for Allah and therefore focus on the spiritual benefits of fasting there are also many physical health benefits associated with fasting — providing It is done properly.

In this post we share some wisdom and top tips which our team live by to ensure they are not putting a pause on their health and wellness routines for 30 days during the Holy Month.

When it comes to working out during Ramadan focus on preserving energy and hydration levels by avoiding morning workouts. Much better to schedule gym sessions or your activity of choice right before sunset and iftar. You can then push yourself a little more knowing you will replenish your energy levels soon afterwards.

To break your fast and satisfy any cravings we opt for dates and a couple of glasses of water, and for a change we also love a date and milk smoothie. In fact smoothies are a great way to pack in lots of nutrients in a small amount of time.
You can discover a wide selection of Raphia’s delicious dates here.

It can be easy to overlook fulfilling the water requirement needed to stay properly hydrated. Aim for 2-3 litres to avoid dehydration and keep a tab on how many glasses of water you are drinking. Alongside fluids consuming high fibre foods such as dried fruit and nuts helps contribute to maintaining a balanced diet. Raphia has curated a selection especially for Ramadan and you can shop them here.

Remember to get enough good quality sleep. This will really help with both mental and physical wellbeing. Try going to bed a couple of hours earlier than usual so that you are well rested when you wake before sunrise for Suhoor. Although skipping Suhoor to have uninterrupted sleep may sound appealing, you shouldn’t!

As the saying goes, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. And during Ramadan, it becomes even more important!

Ramadan Mubarak
Team Raphia

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