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Colours of Morocco — Part Five: Raphia Almond

Colours of Morocco — Part Five: Raphia Almond

The Almond tree prefers a hot climate. No surprise that it flourishes and is one of the most important crops in Morocco. Almonds and particularly in the form of almond paste are the main ingredient in pastry fillings from Amlou and Briouat to Macaroons and Sellou. They are used as in Moroccan pâtissière and chocolatier as a key ingredient, flavour and texture enhancer.

Every February the Almond Blossom Festival is hosted in the tiny Moroccan village of Tafraoute nestled in the gorgeous Amein Valley (the Valle Dei Tempi), which produces the greatest amount of almonds to any other Moroccan region. This is Berber heartland where Moroccans, indeed people from all over the world, traditionally gather at the ‘almond capital.’ The backdrop is incredible — the stunning pink granite landscape of the Anti-Atlas mountains.

For this reason we chose Almond as a colour accent in our brand colour palette. A tribute to celebrate and appreciate the almond tree. Without the humble almond Raphia’s Flavours of Morocco would not be the same.

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