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Colours of Morocco - Part Two: Moroccan Burgundy

Colours of Morocco - Part Two: Moroccan Burgundy

Colours of Morocco.

The inspiration behind our brand colour palette.

As Autumn is upon us we introduce our colour Burgundy. Our creativity is always sparked by the flavours, landscapes, textures, architecture, festivals and people of Morocco to bring to life the colour palette of Raphia.

Part Two: Moroccan Burgundy

Raphia is not only inspired by the flavours of Morocco but also by the colours of Morocco — a feast for the eyes too.

Our rich burgundy tone emanates the mysterious and vibrant atmosphere of Morocco’s historic souks. And in the bustling Moroccan Rug Palace of Khemisset’s Zarabi Souk you will find an abundance of traditional hand-loomed Moroccan Berber rugs in an array of eye catching burgundy hues.

Raphia’s burgundy is an adventurous, confident colour which expresses warmth and intimacy. Like Moroccan’s themselves who love to extend hospitality and generosity and will always make you feel at home. Speak to any traveller who has visited and they never neglect to mention Moroccan hospitality in their travel tales.

In Morocco hosting is a complex and lengthy process. A host wants to provide a complete experience: a memorable, sumptuous, delicious feast, stimulating conversation and a place of rest and respite. Your host will go to vast expense and will be warm and loving and kind throughout. You really will feel as though you are being treated as royalty.

Not only that, when you think you are finished and cannot possibly eat another delicious bite your host will no doubt offer you a delicious pastry or fruit, then tea and more sweets.

Next time you are hosting and would like to share a taste of Moroccan hospitality then Raphia has you covered. Visit and discover the classic collections.

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